TribeLearn is about connecting people in the same career together through a peer to peer learning platform, so you can learn from people doing the same thing as you all around the world

Many of the top jobs in the world today barely existed 10 years ago. And education has not caught up. TribeLearn is a solution to allow people in unique, new fields (think professional blogging, life coaching, PPC advertising) create powerful learning opportunities.

Getting good at any job is about more than just data. It’s about best practices, correct attitudes, productivity hacks, and being able to be on the pulse of new innovations in your field.

Peer to peer learning is the best way to access this knowledge — because bright minds in these fields connect to organically help each other grow.

Peer to peer learning has powerful advantages over self study or learning from courses. Because the power of the group ensures more than just learning. In emerging industries,things change so fast, any course or book you buy gets obsolete within a few years. But our peer to peer groups stay current and fresh because these groups consist of the people who are defining their industry.

Furthermore – every group is hosted by a best selling author, authority or thought leader in the field. For example, Rich Litvin, author of the book The Prosperous Coach is the peer leader for our coaching group existing of 400 coaches from all around the world who are helping each other improve their coaching practice.


TribeLearn was developed by Mindvalley, the education company responsible for hits like the Mindvalley Academy, Omvana and Awesomeness Fest. We started with $700 in a Starbucks and with no VCs, loans or angel investors (just sweat and tears), now employ 150 people full time and are fully profitable. We became big in online course. But after training some 200,000 students wanted to find a better way.

We get online courses and books. Thats the medium most experts in industries deliver their content. In fact, on one of our site MindvalleyAcademy.com – we sell over 100 online courses in personal growth.

But it’s an imperfect model. It works well for some things like age old wisdom in personal growth. But in rapidly changing industries and fields you need a learning model that updates itself in real time.

This is where TribeLearn’s peer-to-peer model comes in. You don’t get all the information in one LONG course that frankly, statistics say you’re highly unlikely to complete. Besides if you did – most of that information would be obsolete by the time you got it. And many such courses are filled with fluff to make them seem long — how many times have you listened to an hour of audio and then wished the author had just made his point in 10 mins ?

With our peer-to-peer model you still get awesome insights via monthly live training sessions. But you also get much much more…


The TribeLearn environment is like being in a constant creative space where you have friends who are in trenches just like you, friends that “get” you, they get your work and they get your challenges. And our tribes exist of amazingly supportive professionals, accomplished and primed to help each other in our never ending quest to be better at their profession.

With TribeLearn

  • You stay in a creative space where learning is a constant process. New ideas are shared almost every day.
  • You’re able to collaborate with colleagues in the same space as you. Why do it alone? Odds are that another member has had the same challenges and already found a workable solution you can copy.
  • Have a sounding board to share your ideas and get real feedback from people in your industry. TribeLearn provides immediate and highly profound advice to requests by other peers.
  • Get advanced trainings from the group lead and peers on various aspects of business. You will be shocked at hoe generously many people share their best kept business secrets within the group because they know they are in a ‘safe’ space.

Try it and you’ll see why it beats the pants of other learning programs.


TribeLearn was birthed by Mindvalley and spun off as a separate company. We are a group of individuals from all over the world trying to change the world with products that make you happier and more productive. We intend to impact 1 billion lives.

Founded by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley grew from its roots as a digital publishing company, to build a series of successful businesses in a wide variety of sectors ranging from mobile apps, marketing, technology, personal growth and entrepreneurship, to health and wellness. It’s been a fun, crazy ride so far.

Across our companies, we employ approximately 150+ awesome individuals from 35+ different countries who work at our award winning space, Mindvalley HQ, voted by Inc Magazine one of the top 10 coolest workplace in the world.

We’re global, and we sure love diversity. We stand for ideas, companies, and products that allow human beings to live healthier, happier lives. From creating and investing in startups and education models that inspire and foster progress and innovation, to creating work cultures that cultivate creativity and freedom – we are ambitiously, ridiculously and irreverently determined to unleash the full potential of humanity and move the planet forward.